Saturday, March 6, 2010


This is just a hastily cooked melting pot of useful information (sometimes you can bet on its reliability, sometimes you will have to guess) coupled with pictures that are in these pages just for the ambiance, condensed in a single file that I can check quickly while I am drawing the page. When in doubt I can go back to more detailed files or make additional research, in case I want to complicate my story. But to have an idea of some of the ship types present in the seas around China and Japan in the 17th century, this is enough. Just to have a very general idea, because these examples are far from covering all the main ship types (or at least their denominations).

These pictures were taken from very different sources along several years, some were photocopied, most were scanned before I left Portugal, and some were more recently taken from the Internet. They are mostly pictures from books and magazines, some from old issues purchased on the flea market, but also contact proofs of pictures I took, and even postcards.
They were taken from so many different places, and some so long ago, that it will be a really very hard task, if not an impossible one, to track the origin of most of them, so I left all of them anonymous. If somebody feels to have the right to complain about it just contact me, I will remove the pictures in question.

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